Chairman Message

Not about running a school but managing the bright tomorrow........

As we approach another session, It is another pace of dedication, striving and achievements on the path of learning, we look forward for the co-operative approch of the parents.

We are stepping out on the wondrous journey studded with a marvelous success and also fraught with the pitfalls admittedly. But once we have undertaken as a challenge so far we have clinched the way of success admirably. Our students have been able to hold their own presence and their achievements speak with the bright future based approach.

As we have the mission to make our mother land an intellectually formidable power house by creating a cadre of motivated and perspective individuals who became catalysts of change through education it is the dream to make its learners the strongest tone internally and externally.

Similarly, we have the vision to create a progressive and creative model of life, long learning teaching and evaluating in perfect rhythm with vedic-wisdom, spritual-harmony and the modern scientific temper.

Mata Gujri Public School itself as an undivided part of the global momentum that is characterized by rapid technological development and advancement. Our all the faculty members are highly involved in personality development and learning workshops on a regular basis not only to achieve personal aspect of excellence but professional milestones as well.

So, I express my gratitude to our mentors at Mata Gujri Public for their support and kind guidance to us. Our constant prayer is that we continue to be guided by the light of wisdon under umbrella of the almighty's blessings.