Not about schooling but building the firm foundations


The school aims at an all round development of boys and girls ; physical, emotional and intellectual with consciousness towards social obligations, Indian art, culture, music, dance, yoga and languages. 

We not only lay emphasis on the educational development of our pupils but for their inner essence of deep knowledge also. We have tailored a magnificent corner for the "Montessory Section" Here teaching is developed to suit the needs of the student by involving them in the learning process and keeping their interest with the turning way of environment. The section facilitates an Odornful beginning for the blooming buds of MGPS.

A lot of activities & reference material is provided to the little champs of this temple like : one minute puzzle games, play way educational games, phonetic sound games for correct pronunciation, TV, VCR, Computer & Video games, Audio tape recorder, Toys, sample of fruits & vegetables for better understanding & hundreds of ohter aids.

All the above has been chalked out the very intial part of the 'curriculum', keeping in the mind the child as an individual. The children are given a number of opportunities to concrete their confidence in the form of various neck to neck tightened competitions, where the participation of every single learner has made the part of its every intial step at the class and house level.

Little champs of MGPS have been facilitated with beautiful and spacious classrooms with 100% carpeted corridors, fancy comfortable pillow for sleeping, dance room, music room & spacious green lawns to facilities various learning activities. The teacher-incharge here possesses a degree in child psychology.


  • To create an atmosphere in which each child feels happy, secure, confident & valued.
  • To provide broad and balanced curriculum appropriate to the social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual development of Children.
  • To provide learning experiences which are first hand and active as far as possible.
  • To foster qualities of tolerance, kindness and respect for others and good manners.
  • To aim for excellence in all activities & experience.