From Principal's Desk

Not about teaching, but producing well refined citizen........

Thank you for showing interest in our great pivot of education- Mata Gujri Public School. I would prefer to begin by talking about our philosophy behind our learning institute.

Our institute has not been established only to teach. What is lying in our curriculum but to uplift the level of our learners from the inner as well as outer spherical attitude. We consider our every student as an ambassador of the school and therefore we would like the student to be perfect in all aspects.

Besides the complete develpoment of a child in Academics, Arts, Sports, Etiquette and General Awareness are also the integral part of our curriculum.

As we know technology is changing its wind as a swift rate and affecting the world but we are not letting our pupils to leave behind and we are coperating with the changing phase of time and technology. We have changed the era of learning for our blooming buds from black borad school to Hi-tech Smart boards. The entire school has made its tone with the surrounding world with the aid of internet and children have become habitual to make the use of computer with in their control for deep learning processes.

To make the impression of well groomed teaching among the minds of our pupils we facilitate our shining and blooning buds with the excellent coaching. We provide them extra ordinary learning with our practical ways and reowned personalities are also called from the outer world to inculcate the habit of the best approach to learn intensively.

With the blessing of that Mighty one God and with the coopertion of parents, 1800 students are on the line. I would assure you that Mata Gujri Public School, Chak Suhelewala is that epitome of learning which you have dreamt for your child because your dream is same as i have. So, I wish you all the best in the forthcoming period of life.

Let us together steer our academicship to the safe harbour. "Only those who will risk going too far, Can possible fine out how far one can go"

Thanking & Working for your school.

Pervinderjit Kaur
Mata Gujri Public School